Brynn Cameron is a Max Contract Kind of Girl

I'm think I'm good for a while T...

I  think I’m good for a while T…

Clippers star Blake Griffin has been rumored to be dating multiple girls the last few years, but only one he got pregnant. Brynn Cameron also has a baby with another star athlete, NFL quarterback Matt Leinart. The two dated in college and have a son, Cole, who’s now six. Apparently Cole lives with his mom most of the time and she’s getting child support to the tune of $15,000 per month. Here’s what our source says about the situation, “Matt Leinart was pretty much out of the league, and Brynn’s child support dropped significantly. She then got knocked up by Blake Griffin, whose parents are extremely upset with him. Blake is going to do the right thing, and accept full responsibility for the child’s well being”says our source. She should really be a scout, getting Matt and Blake to have kids during their max deals. Impressive.-TO

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