Brooklyn Decker Has Girl Crush on Tom Brady’s Wife

She's like a modern day Mother Teresa T...

Posing in a sexy shoot where she wears nothing but her bra and panties, Tennis star Andy Roddick’s wife Brooklyn Decker revealed to GQ magazine that she’s crushing on 31-year-old Gisele Bundchen:  “I have a top-five list, and Gisele is my number one. So she can do no wrong in my eyes. …everyone has a top-five list of their biggest crushes, you know? Usually, it’s guys on my list, but Gisele is just so perfect in every way.” —  In my eyes, Gisele can do plenty wrong, like when she called out Brady’s receivers after a hard fought Super bowl loss. Plus, Tom has gone ring-less since ringing her.  -TO

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