Brett Favre X-Rated Texts Story Completely Made Up

August 5, 2010 at 7:32 am by Terez in Brett Favre, New York Jets

I made up the story to get attention Terez

So here’s an interesting reported Wednesday that model, actress and TV host Jenn Sterger told the Editor of the website that Brett Favre had sent her inappropriate and explicit pictures of himself, but there were no pictures and allegedly it was off the record…and my source, someone very close to Jenn Sterger is refuting the claims that Brett sent her any texts..Her friend tells me..”Jenn has been trying to get famous for years..she will pretty much do or say anything to get attention..Jenn talks a lot of game about athletes she barely knows….that’s all I’ll say” It’s no coincidence Deadspin ran the story to coincide with the Brett Favre retirement news..This was merely a ploy by the website to get traffic and throw Favre under the bus..I am going on record to say  I didn’t even want to cover the story, but when Sterger’s friend sent me this info..I felt I had to stick up for # 4…Brett Favre doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment..He is a legend who should never be touched..and according to sources, a damn good husband..Total Bush League!!  Now peep the gallery below to tell me if this girl looks like she’s telling the truth.. -TO

FSU Cowgirl Brought in to Confirm Brett Favre X-Rated Texts

Brett Favre Retirement Texts Were Planted