Brandon Marshall reportedly punched woman at New York nightclub

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NFL star wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and newest member of the Chicago Bears, allegedly slugged a woman at a New York nightclub just days before the Miami Dolphins traded him to the Chicago Bears — Marshall was at Marquee in Chelsea early Sunday when he got into an argument with a group of friends —  Marshall and an unknown athlete were being thrown out of the club for fighting, the sources said. The woman in question met up with her friends, who were arguing with Marshall and the other football player outside. Marshall then allegedly cold-cocked the girl in the left eye. She suffered a black eye. It wasn’t clear if he allegedly intended to strike her or one of her pals — Myles filed a police report. A lawyer for Marshall said the fight did not involve Marshall or his friends…Marshall is a huge talent on the field, but sometimes a huge liability off of it. -TO

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