Bob Arum Offers up $100,000 Reward for Proof 50 Cent on Team Manny

That’s Photoshop T…

So listen to what Bob Arum has to say about Manny Pacquiao and 50 Cent’s relationship “It’s totally made up. I’ve met Curtis Jackson, 50 Cents, once at a party, once, and Manny Pacquiao has never met him. That’s a totally made up story. Our contract with Manny went until December 31st, 2013, and now it’s extended for one more year. It’s a totally bullshit story,” Arum quipped during a telephone conversation with Boxing Socialist. “It didn’t end until the end of 2013 and now it doesn’t end until the end of 2014, but that story is totally crazy. I would give $100,000 reward to anybody who can verify that they saw this 50 Cent at any Manny Pacquiao press conference on this tour. He wasn’t there.”That’s kind of strange considering the picture above. Maybe it was Photoshopped.-TO

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