Bernie Kosar’s Girlfriend Helping Him Make a Comeback

August 15, 2010 at 10:56 am by Terez in Bernie Kosar

She's my rock T...

Bernie Kosar has run into some financial troubles since his playing days ended..Kosar recently filed Chapter 11….The dude also  owes almost $1.5 million in “unsecured debt” to the Cleveland Browns, who he played for from 1985 to 1993…not to mention he owes his ex-wife Babette $3 million..Oh yea,  He owes a bank more than $9 million for bad real estate deals. “I know how to make money, and I know how to spend money,” he said. “The saving part never worked for me. My dad was a steelworker. My brother’s company closed. Things happen, people needed help.” He paused. “I was into a lot of Florida real estate,” he added. “Anyone who had a lot of Florida real estate and says they didn’t get killed [financially] in the last few years is lying.” Kosar luckily has found someone willing to help him..He’s dating Tami Longaberger, the CEO of The Longaberger Co. of Newark, Ohio…”The rumor is we’re engaged,” said Kosar. “I act like we’re married. Just say that we’re good friends. Her impact on me is phenomenal. She is an amazing person.” Kosar is working  with Longaberger on his bankruptcy issues and she’s also helping him sell products with NFL licensing..Bernie’s found  his life preserver..Good luck man..-TO

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