Bellator Ring Girl Jade Bryce And The Beginning Of An 80’s Flick

May 28, 2013 at 12:26 pm by Terez in Main

Ordering and making pizza “At The Same Damn Time” T…

You remember the plot to any good early 80’s movie?  Hot girls.  Little to no clothing.  A pool boy or a Pizza delivery guy.  Add those things together and you have the plot for most early 80’s teen sex flicks.  Well, judging from Jade Bryce’s Instagram she looked like she was channeling Porky’s, Last Resort, Hardbodies, Spring Break or hundreds of other movies that I enjoyed as a youth watching HBO thru a scrambled picture.  Jade makes a DiGiorno pizza while at the same damn time ordering Dominos.  Not sure what was going on that gave her and her crew the munchies like THAT, but honestly-who really cares. I can only imagine what the delivery guy was thinking when she opened the door-cakes exposed-for all to see.  Kinda makes me wanna rethink my career options.  Thank you Jade…just for being you!-TO

Jade Bryce Tribute/Highlights

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