Behind The Scenes at Brittney Palmer’s 2014 Calendar Shoot

It's going to be another great year T...

It’s going to be another great year T…

UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer turns heads on a daily basis, so why not spend every day with Brittney. We got access to some behind the scenes pictures from her 2014 calendar. If you like what you see, and you want more, you can purchase her 2014 Calendar right here. To SEE MORE PICS continue reading.-TO

Octagon Girls Bikini Photo shoot

Brittney Palmer’s New Fitness Blog

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  • Justin

    i love this woman! She is gorgeous.

  • bbbbb
  • luke perry

    too boxy. no curves. built like a 10 year old boy w/ chicken legs.

    • Paul

      10 yo boy my ass……what a hottie


    OMG a pretty woman…like those aren’t a dime dozen. Overrated…big deal.

  • TMZ

    thank you Luke Perry…I couldn’t have said it better…who’s picking these women…does look like a 10 year old boy

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