Baby Mama Forcing Sean Payton to the Big D?

Tell Jerry to make me an offer T…

Sean Payton is currently riding the pine waiting out his year long suspension. The New Orleans Saints head coach’s reported contract extension last year never happened…so of course now the big question is, how much longer will he remain coaching in New Orleans? Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us Payton is looking to relocate to Dallas for the entire year…and it all stems from his divorce from his wife. ” Sean bought a home in Dallas, and his significant other also lives there. He has already moved back to South Lake Texas to be close to his ex girlfriend who he has a baby with” said the source. Sean Payton would make the Cowboys an instant contender, and if I’m Jerry Jones, I’m ditching the Red headed stepchild and handing over the GM and coaching keys to Payton.-TO

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