A-Rod Feels LeBron James’ Pain

Our sh*t does stink T..

Alex Rodriguez feels the pain and suffering of LeBron James — A-Rod is no stranger to being the butt of a joke, so who could relate more to the Ringless King than the Yankees slugger. Rodriguez said on ESPN New York’s The Michael Kay Show that it’s “not fun being the villain.”“Sometimes I feel so bad for him,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like I feel his pain more than anybody. Arod continues with his support of Bron, ““LeBron is definitely under the microscope,” Rodriguez said. “He is going to be judged on whether he wins a championship. So, yeah, I’m really hoping he gets this one behind him, and I’m cheering for the Heat, but ’09 was a career changer for me.” A-Rod and LeBron’s ego’s are way too big for their own good. Take a lesson in humility fellas, and maybe people wouldn’t hate you so much -TO

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