Alex Rodriguez disputing five-figure sum Spending Spree

It's my god given right to return T..

Yankees slugger A-Rod enjoys lavishing his friends and family with expensive gifts — What else do you do when you have so much money? — Sometimes when he buys things for others, they try to return the items — Here’s the scoop via NYP, “Alex Rodriguez is crying foul over a $17,600 charge on his AmEx Black Card after he took his 20-year-old niece, Michelle Silva, on a shopping spree with his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson. He was told he couldn’t return the expensive wares he bought for his niece.” Instead of trying to get his money back, how about donating the clothes for charity? That sounds a whole lot better than squabbling over a few bucks. -TO

  • Codpiece

    He’s an overpaid douch like all the other whiney athletes. Who gives a damn that he is stupid with his money and we don’t care that he has a black AX. Big whoop….

  • Green

    Since when is $17,600 a FEW BUCKS? Get real, he has a right to return it.

  • Tommy F

    I’m not a big A-rod fan, but we talk about all these atheletes mis-managing their money and being bankrupt 10 years after they retire. Maybe that’s why you see this in todays society. I think A-rod is smart for watching where his money goes. Regardless of your income money management is important. It’s his money and he has every right to spend it, or pinch it.

  • look_out

    When you get $25mil for playing a damn game, $17,600 isn’t a few bucks….it is POCKET CHANGE. Quit whining you spoiled bitch and put it somewhere that counts.

  • Dirk

    Typical Yankee….

  • carson

    Donating $1200 shoes and $3000 dresses to charity is a stupid suggestion.

    How about the store refund the money so A-Rod can donate the $17000 to charity so they could buy 24 pairs of $50 shoes instead 1 @ $1200 or 30 one hundred dollar dresses. The store could throw in a few things too for the ad they didn’t pay for by selling him out to the NY Post.

  • David

    Carson has it exactly correct !!

  • AntB

    Make him pay cash next time.

  • http://yahoo kurt

    I see a bunch of 99%ers crying out here because A-Rod gets paid and they don’t.
    Next time, I hope it’s a 7 figure spree. His money, he earned it.

  • Domino

    This guy squeeks when he walks!

  • larry

    thats what happens when you give an over paid moron a credit card… come on… these clowns, most of whom could not hold or even get a job at penny’s selling shoes, have no business living at the top of our society simply because we’re being extorted by the advertising industry and so called “free tv”…

  • Valerie

    Im a true Yankees fan x a million, and this kind of selfish behavior makes us look bad! I dont even know why we still have him, he did next to nothing last year and he is a little diva.

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