Aaron Rodgers may still be Fake dating Kelly Rohrbach

May 26, 2017 at 7:19 am by Terez in Aaron Rodgers

We know it’s Baywatch season, which means actress Kelly Rohrbach needs some good press. Enter Aaron Rodgers. WE were the first on the Net who broke the initial story of them together, and their Trial Dating period, now we received this tip, ” There is a rumor that Aaron Rodgers may still be dating Kelly Rohrbach.  If that is the case, he isn’t interested in her for brains.  Kelly recently posted a story on Instagram saying, “People trying to steel my job!”.  Kelly the word is “steal” not “steel”.  You might want to stick to the script. Kelly was also seen lounging in her towel on her balcony in Miami.  Yup, she’s a classy one for sure! Not once but twice” I have no problem with the towel thing, she’s in Miami. However her spelling mistakes are unforgivable. LOL. Check out the PICS below.-TO