A Jake The Snake Plummer Sighting

I'm stoned to the bone T...

I’m stoned to the bone T…

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer retired at 32 to live in Idaho and play handball, and years later, he’s seen attending his school’s football game. Plummer was rooting on his Sun Devils this past weekend looking worse for wear. Jake the Snake was an ASU legend, and probably felt pretty high about being there.-TO

  • Guy Odom

    This is unreal! Are you Serious Again????? Nick Saban is going nowhere!

  • Jeremy Rodgers

    Then why in the hell is he out recruiting for Alabama. damn wouldn’t you think he would just kinda slide out the back door without going through the trouble. This bu–sh– has to stop. either report the truth or get the hell outta the reporting business.

  • DrT

    Regardless, Saban is a TRUE mercenary…that’s how he got hired by Alabama, and that is simply his personality! Wouldn’t you think he could at least crack a smile while holding the trophy for the national title up in the air! Nope…just business…what’s next! Personally, though, I hope UT does NOT get him, as the corruption in the Big 12 is SO disgusting already…in Texas’ favor…ALWAYS!

  • ganymede3010

    Nick Saban is just going through the motions so Texas will increase their offer. Whenever someone says “My Wife loves it here” means you’ll have to increase the payout even more. Since he can’t make history by winning 4 in a row he’s gone!

  • TideNTexas

    WOW, what dirtbag reporting.

  • Jimmie Sapp

    Who the hell is terez owens? Lmao… Dumbest article yet. Anyone who thinks Saban will leave Bama is an idiot.

  • paul howard

    Saban is simply using these rumors to leverage a pay raise. Keep up the good work.

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