34FF tennis stunner Simona Halep has breast reduction

July 20, 2009 at 10:54 am by Terez in Anna Kournikova, Simona Halep, Tennis

simona halep

STUNNING tennis hopeful Simona Halep has disappointed her army of male fans by having her 34FF boobs surgically reduced. The 17-year-old player, who has become an online pin-up, said her boobs were holding her career back and went under the knife to reduce her curves to a more manageable 34C. The 5ft 5in Romanian’s decision to rein in her curves sparked more press coverage than her tennis ever has (she is currently ranked 258th in the world). Various commentators described her as “the new Anna Kournikova” – which might not necessarily be all that flattering. The move even sparked an online petition begging her to reconsider – the imaginatively titled “Save Simona Halep’s Boobs Petition” – which called on the Romanian government to stop her in order to “save this wonder of the world”. -London Paper

Today is a sad day in sports.. I will never forget where I was when I heard this terrible news. -TO