And So it Begins: Dwight Howard Already Unhappy in Houston

I'm still the exact same Dwight T...

I’m still the exact same Dwight T…

Well this didn’t take very long. We’re hearing the Houston Rockets big man with the history of spreading his negativity like a cancer, is already unhappy with his team’s Point Guard situation after only six games. Here’s what the source says, :”Got this today – from a VERY credible source… He is being patient, but I can tell you he isn’t really happy with the Rockets PGs. Wouldn’t mind if Rockets look at other options.” Also we’re being told Jeremy Lin  was getting yelled and screamed at by players and then by Assistants all the way to the locker room. You know someone will take the fall for Dwight’s unhappiness, just don’t know who yet.-TO

  • Christopher Cabcabin

    Coward’s do what Coward’s do.

  • Douche Pouch

    I knew my Lakers would not be good this year with or with out this giant cry baby, I said when he went to Huston good bye and good riddance. I’m be the first to say it, Huston we have a problem.

  • superman

    Lin and Asik should just leave Houston. The way they are treated is just abysmal. Honestly, they have too much class to be in a team with these 2 “superstar” cry babies. Iso Harden and can’t shoot free throws Howard should look at themselves before blaming others. They are the franchise players, and they effectively lost the games vs the LAC and LAL with bad D and offense. Lin and Asik have actually been very HOU most efficient players this season.
    Harden is no Kobe and Dwight is definitely not Shaq, but are bigger prima donnas than both!

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