Model Comes Clean About LeBron James’ Cheating Ways

Don't listen to her T...

Don’t listen to her T…

Model Carmen Ortega is coming clean about LeBron James alleged cheating ways. In an exclusive interview with, Ortega gave a vivid account of how  the Miami Heat champion pursued her, despite the fact he was engaged to Savannah Brinson. LeBron ain’t really locked down.-TO

LeBron James Bathing Suit Pose

LeBron James Hits the Club

  • ManOfWisdom

    If you really compare what she claims was said in those fake text messages to what she said in the interview then you’ll realize that her storyline is off. For example: text message says she got to LA on Saturday at 10am but in the interview she says that she got to LA on Wednesday. She also said in the interview that he left LA on Thursday or Friday but he posted a picture on Saturday in LA with another NBA player. Other things are off about her story too just check it out. This rumor is very fishy to me. I really think she’s trying to gain attention. Stupid groupies!!!!

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