Erin andrews and Boyfriend Hit up Napa Valley

The wine works T...

The wine works T…

Now that their season is over, Erin Andrews won’t be attending any more Los Angeles Kings games…but she’s still spending time with her hockey guy. The Fox sportscaster, is dating Kings center Jarret Stoll, and the two embarked on a romantic getaway to Napa Valley this past weekend. It’s always fun to peep in on Erin’s personal life.-TO

Erin Andrews Gets Her Stretch on

Sideline Reporter Takes It Like A Champ

  • Pam

    For someone who is supposedly a very private person and former stalking victim, this woman sure loves to publicize her private life.

  • rickster

    he looks like he needs a bath and a comb.

  • Rhonda

    Is this the best Erin Andrews can do???????

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